Five Reasons Why Using an Outside Event Management Agency is a Good Move

Within many business organizations there may or may not be a person responsible for managing and marketing the events. Depending on the size of the organization, there could be a dedicated team or it could be handled by a person in marketing or an administrative assistant. In most cases, when left to one person, it is too much on top of their other duties so events are produced at a “minimal viable product,” per se. Let’s face it, planning, executing and marketing an event is a full-time job and plus some. No matter if it’s for your own internal folks or your customers, there are a lot of details and logistics that need to be managed, organized and orchestrated to provide an exceptional event. If your event “team” or lack of one completely is at their max capacity, here are five reasons why using an outside corporate event management and marketing firm can “spice” up your event strategy.

1.       Let your people do their job – already mentioned above but when you have one person who is responsible for a zillion things (aren’t we all?) and managing events is one of them, there’s no way they can be great at everything. Something will fail and that someone will burn out. Using an outside agency, lets your marketing person or your admin do what they do best, albeit generating leads, building brand awareness or keeping track of you! Using an outside agency that focuses 100% on your objective with your events and does the research, negotiations, logistical coordination, planning, budget management, registration tracking, etc., takes that burden off them and allows for a more efficient use of their time.

2.       Get fresh ideas – truth be told, we get into ruts. Imagine being at a company for a length of time with limited amounts of time and resources to get things done and it’s time for the annual user group meeting. It’s been done for quite a few years now by the same person but they are overloaded. So instead of reinventing the wheel, it’s the path of least resistance and a get ‘er done attitude. That mentality can lead to sterile ideas when it comes to events. Using an outside firm can bring some fresh ideas and creativity to your repetitive meetings/events because there is an unfamiliar perspective on it, thus attracting new customers to attend and increasing attendance overall. Plus, the workload to make it happen has shifted to someone else’s shoulders to the relief of that individual’s back.

3.       Negotiation power – outside agencies have preferred partners and incentives that allow for significant negotiation power because they are doing many events over the course of a year. This, in return, can save you money. Let them take care of the back and forth haggling over blocks of rooms, transportation fees, etc. In the end, you will have had less headaches, saved yourself some dough and be the shining star to your boss!

4.       Flexibility – still want your “internal person” to oversee all things of the event? It can be done and still give that person some relief. Most agencies prefer having a main contact within the organization to work directly with and can take on all or a little for any event depending on what everyone feels comfortable with. For example, say you want to do a series of roadshows across the country that requires different venues, various menus and invites to existing clients and prospects. The agency may do all the research, negotiation and coordination for you for all the locations at a flat fee + expenses, without necessarily even needing to be there. If you’ve got the staff to attend and one internal person to be the onsite contact, all anyone needs to do is just show up!

5.       Results – in my past life as a marketing director who managed demand generation and all our events, it was hard to find the time to debrief and measure the results of a completed event because I was already on to the next one or pushing out a campaign. An agency can provide that data and debrief for you because they are focused on your event being successful. Depending on what they are responsible for, they can pull the info in, scrutinize it, decipher it, and bring it all together in a complete package for you. That package allows you to know if the event was successful and the ROI for you and your management team to decide to repeat or move on to something else.

Putting on an event experience whether large or small, takes a lot of work. Many people don’t realize the logistical and organizational skills that are required to make it all come together like a symphony. If you’re ready to give your internal person some help, or even create an event program at all, using an outside agency can certainly benefit your organization by leaps and bounds. 

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