It’s Time to Get Outside

Here are some activities that can get your clients, prospects and employees outside and out of the meeting room.

As the weather begins to change and we all start to come out of our cold winter hibernation, event planners start to think about ways to get meetings, events and activities outside. We all know that being in the outdoors, whether it’s a team-building activity or just enjoying lunch, can bring down stress levels and open minds to fresh ideas and opinions. With the change in seasons and weather, here are some activities that can get your clients, prospects and employees outside and out of the meeting room.

With the beginning of spring, comes America’s favorite past-time, baseball. Going to a baseball game can be as easy as buying a few seats to hosting an event in a hospitality suite for a group. Most MLB parks cater to corporate groups with individual game suites that come with food & beverages to enjoy before and during the game, but also provide indoor/outdoor seating so your guests can watch the game and still have a conversation, all the while in their own dedicated space. The Colorado Rockies Coors Field is a perfect example of this. Their various suites can accommodate 12-500 guests and with so many games in a season, there’s sure to be something that works with everyone’s schedule. Most MLB fields can also add-on VIP tours or pre-game batting practice viewing. A very affordable option to entertain clients or employees is to attend a minor league baseball game. These fields may or may not have suites, but most can cater to groups by reserving entire sections and/or providing VIP seating areas with a waitstaff available for your every need.

Right on Par…

Nice weather and watching the Masters Tournament gets people thinking about golf. Although traditional in nature, who wouldn’t prefer being out on a beautiful golf course versus sitting at their desk or in a meeting??? Golf outings are a great way to get outside, talk to clients about their plans and build relationships. For employees, a scramble is a great way to build morale and allow employees to get to know one another outside of the office. Golf courses can easily accommodate groups by offering individual hole contests, carts, clubs and food & beverages. With so many courses to chose from there’s one to fit any budget and schedule. Don’t have all day? That’s ok. You can still get clients and employees outside at one of the many Top Golf locations. These venues can cater any size group and provide your own bay to hit golf balls for as long as you want. Since time is saved by not driving around in a golf cart, you can use the time to mingle and build your relationship with your newest client.

The Mountains are Calling…

Head to the mountains! Mountain towns have so much to offer to help you get outside. From ropes courses, alpine slides, and beautiful views, one can start with meetings in the morning and head outside in the afternoon for some fresh air. Have some adventurous clients or employees? Try a ropes course. For a teambuilding outing, many “do you trust me” activities can be arranged to promote teamwork and collaboration all in the great outdoors. Interested in what’s going on around the town? Try a brewery or whisky distillery tour. These towns are loaded with history, friendly local people and activities to work with a variety of budgets and guests.

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