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Listen Up Leadership 

Getting your leadership on board is up to you! Most disconnects with leadership and various internal teams can be credited to the lack of understanding what is important. For example, if you are apart of the marketing team at your company, your leadership might not understand the importance of certain activities and how they contribute to the overall objective of the organization. Specifically, events to increase leads for sales teams, build awareness and/or customer or employee appreciation and relationship building. If this is the case here is insight on how to get your leadership to listen up!  

Create Urgency  

Whether it is a brand awareness, lead generating tradeshow, holiday party, or a team building event there is beneficial marketing outcomes that can increase business in various ways. Depending on the event decides your point of urgency. If it is a holiday party or team building, a point of urgency would be keeping employees loyal to your company. There is currently a 2% unemployment rate, meaning getting great people to be a part of your team is difficult. So, work to keep the good ones! Losing employees is time and cost ineffective. Putting a small budget together to invest in your people prevents the urgency of continually rebuilding your team of employees with a hefty replacement cost.  

Sell Data  

Presenting data is most effective to gain support from your leadership. Showing where you are currently comparatively speaking to competitors can spark an interest to your management. Pose questions about where they see themselves keeping up with or owning the market place. Depending on this conversation can dictate how you present measurable data. Measurable data ultimately translates to reaching your business goals. You can prove this by tracking how many individuals attend, track leads and sales, and SEO data. Ultimately compiling a well-defined strategy driven by data encourages leadership to support your plans. 

Basic Budget  

Unfortunately, events are typically the first to see budget cuts. When individuals do not understand the importance, it is the easiest thing to slash. That is why presenting a basic budget is important for leadership agreement. This budget should be realistic, measurable, and transparent. Creating clear objectives that can be met within the budget allows for an understanding of risk (spending money) and reward. Proposing a clear return on investment contributes to the confidence leadership can feel between you and your team.  

Discovering your objectives, market, data, and budget can potentially be difficult for individuals. That is where we come in with consulting and guidance. We can help you get your leadership on board with your event marketing activities and strategy. Insuring you reach your marketing goals is our goal too.

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