Keeping the Post Event Motivation

Utilizing in-person events for teams and employees is a great way to build morale, direction, and trust within your company but what happens when everyone heads home? Your team leaves motivated and excited but keeping that attitude for the rest of the quarter or even year is important! Here are a few ideas to help cure to the post-event limbo.

Plannin’ Keeps the Ball Rollin’

An important way to keep your team implementing excitement and a potentially new protocol is planning ahead. We encourage building out milestones and reoccurring check-in meetings so your team knows what to expect regarding the post-event expectations. Schedule deeper dive training requested. Plan on incorporating coaching in order for your team to be able to implement their new knowledge into everyday work life. This helps keep your event messaging and theme continuously top of mind. Having a set plan shows your team how committed you are helping them be successful.

Trust is the Foundation of Everything, Even in Business!

In order for your event and post-event momentum to be successful, you need the support and trust of your leaders. The managers of internal teams need to be on the same page in order to keep teams engaged in the goals for the year. Consistency and unification will build trust that will be instilled within and across teams. You can read more about gaining support from your leadership here.

 First Comes Trust, Then Comes Focus

Having a cohesive plan that instills trust will encourage employees to invest their time in the company’s goals and objectives. Trusting that their focus helps keep them away from the distractions that can overwhelm and detract from the overall goals of the company. Support that focus by having monthly meetings, regular training, strategy suggestions, and development sessions are just a few suggestions to help avoid the shiny objects that always seem to appear when things aren’t clear or there hasn’t been any communication in a while.

Progress Must be Celebrated

Making progress even in the smallest ways is important for the bigger picture. It’s even more important to let your people know that they are doing a great job. Positive reinforcement is proven to increase work commitment. Show your team some love with goodie bags, lunch, outings or spotlights during meetings and announcements.

Planning the strategy and implementation for an internal team or employee event is a whole other job on its own. It takes a lot of pre-planning, not just for the event itself but planning how to keep the motivation high and at full-throttle when it comes to your employees. Keep the motivation going with these steps and you’ll soon see the results of your efforts!

Let Us Plan Your Next Event

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