Location, Location, Location!

Choosing a destination is the first important step in creating a unique experience for your event and for your attendees. Location is one of the top three reasons people attend events so if you don’t have a great destination, it can set the tone for an entire event and dictate its level of success. If your client isn’t confined to a specific destination, you’ll need to determine if there is a certain geographic region that works better for their event. In doing this, you may have to research up to three different cities to learn more about them.

There are other some questions to ask yourself when choosing the perfect destination:

  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • Who are your attendees?
  • What activities does the city provide?
  • Is there is easy transportation?

 Easiest Places to Find Availability

According to Meetings Net many cities are offering discounts and incentives to drive events and attendees to their cities.  Big and small market cities in the U.S. have many options to offer to keep the options open and potentially stay within budget if one’s heart is set on a specific location. However, these offers can be seasonal and can change based on high/low seasons of a region or city.

The most available cities and states that allows for easily negotiated locations are: Charleston, Boston, Texas, and Florida. These are typically locations where weather or Transportation can be an issue certain times of the year for example. But if you’re willing to compromise to get the location you want, these available areas can provide financial benefits. Perks such as, hotel discounts and unique attractions and neighborhoods in a metropolitan area. If you are looking for a fast and cheap location then this list might be for you!

The Best Places to Book and Why

Denver: The best for conventions! According to the Globe and Mail, Denver can credit booking the NBTA’s 40th annual convention because of its central U.S. location and cheap flights into Denver International Airport. Most hotels, including a Four Seasons, are within walking distance of the Colorado Convention Center.

Los Angeles : This is a hip and fresh location. Continual building has been in place since the near $2.5-billion, public-private urban renewal project, movie theatres, restaurants, museums and shopping near new hotels and event centers like the Staples Center! Plus, the weather is reliable and the airport is one of the largest in the US.

New Orleans: After beautiful building restorations followed Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is back on the map! Their renovated convention center, hotels, and nightlife makes it for an easy city to let loose. Along with cheap, tasty soul food, live jazz, they offer seasonal discounts when securing conventions.

Nashville : The place for an affordable good time! Franchising expert Larry Carnell loves Music City, calling it well-situated and inexpensive. Nashville is also Travel+Leisure’s No. 1 pick for the U.S.’s most affordable city with best live music. Need we say more?

Within these cities consider tourism options, hotels with loyalty reward programs, and new hotel accommodations. Having the supply for hotel rooms and venues at an all-time high, means more options for planners! This is the perfect time to dive into the event you have been waiting for. All you need first, is that perfect venue in a great city!

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